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07 January 2018 @ 08:46 pm
2017 - история одного года  

A little bit to early, but pretty sure that January belongs to this photo.

I like the multi-level layering of the photo (if I may phrase it so). Cemetery on the first layer, and something intrinsic to life is happening on the background.
Plus, I really enjoyed the colours.

I believe a man walking out (or in) of the gate on the left would have made the picture just ideal.

Photo of February 2017. I have a number of different photos from different places I have visited in February, yet I believe this one says it all.

Rush, buzz, fly away, come back, go there, be nowhere.

Photo of March 2017. Strangely enough, this is the one. March has ignited both first melancholic sunny evenings and longer out of city travels. Viva la road

Photo of April 2017. This place at this time with these colours came as a real surprise and made me think of different stuff. Perfect evening with perfect sky and evening colours.

Photo of May 2017.
Warm, cosy evening in early summer sun. Chill and zen.

Photo of the month: June 2017.
Another month has passed, another river has passed that one cannot enter twice.

Definitely photo of July 2017. Amazing colours, amazing place and amazing time.

Photo of August 2017.
August brought a major change in my life. I left what was my home for the last 4 years and embarked on a great journey to the lands that I never really thought of being my home for any unannounced period of time. Green scenery was shifted into desert yellow and that place beyond the pine became a place beyond a palm tree.

It took me some time to decide on the photo of September (and it is already end of October now)... Basically, September gave a new tradition of going out randomly during the weekend and enjoy unknown destinations. Even in a familiar place, there can be a corner that can make you stand and enjoy the sight. Also, these walks made me feel something from a distant past.
I realized, that back home I never really went for non-sportish enjoyable walks. My standard casual going out was from point A to point B and lasted less then 2-3 hours. Remember how we could spend 5-7 hours in our backyard when we were kids? Right..

Photo of October month. I wanted to break the chain of non-human photos, but then again I have decided that by the New Year's day I will create a calendar with 12 photos of the month. Don’t want to see my face during the whole month of the next year's October.
This photo made it here, because this October was the first time I actually hiked in the mountains. Well, most probably someone will laugh - 1800 m, mountains, like really?
Great mountains start somewhere too, you know.

Photo of the November month. No comments,

And with this, the album of 2017 is finished. This picture bears the mood of waves of time. You just stand by the time and see it flow. Even if you think that it flows too fast or want to stop the flow, you cant. The only option is to lose the grip and contemplate. Zen.
evtihomirova: pic#124521363evtihomirova on January 9th, 2018 09:57 am (UTC)
Первое фото просто прекрасное :) До падения харда стояло у меня на рабочем столе)